Black Vau’s charm: First, being a kind person!

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This artist, in the end, always chooses to put himself below to see what he has with eyes sparkling with gratitude.
There are many things that happen in 3 hours of  Black Vau’s Hanoi live show  that can warm people’s hearts. One of them must be the moment when 16 Dien Bien children and their teachers went on stage and brought a pound as a gift, whispering: “Thanks to Uncle Den’s invitation, this is the first time coming to this place. visit Hanoi”. The children’s pounds and shy smiles – are the warmest “reports” of what the Cooking for Children project has accomplished in a few short weeks.
However, when MC Phi Linh was sharing with all the audience about the actual numbers and impacts of the project, in a dark corner of the stage, Black hesitated: “No, don’t Linh! Don’t! !”. It was a very… Black Vau gesture. Afraid to hear others praise me and afraid to talk about what I can do. In a profession where the task of making the image as grand as possible – Black is looking for a way… to dodge as much as possible.
That gesture also says a lot about the Black man. A decent man.
Nice Black, that’s right!
After the show, Black posted a very long thank you on his Fanpage. The way a person sends thank you notes often says a lot about their intentions. We can tell if someone is sincere or superficial, profound or indifferent, respectful or gentle. In his thanks, Black carefully sent messages from the General Director to the janitors, from the band to the security team. He also didn’t forget to remind everyone the message that he kept saying over and over again, that Black is nothing fancy, it’s just thanks to everyone that Black has a job to do.
This artist, in the end, always chooses to put himself below to see what he has with eyes sparkling with gratitude.
I first met Den Vau in real life 7 years ago, when he received the “Singer with Breakthrough Activity” award from the WeChoice Awards. He said, “Now, the neighbors know what you’re doing”, then walked off the stage confused. On the way out, he passed our program runners. Under the darkness of the stands – which is the opposite of the bright light of the stage – Mr. Black held the trophy while shyly walking quickly, but still did not forget to bow his head to greet the few of us standing there. and cheered for him.
The second time, I worked directly with Mr. Den and the manager to produce a rap for WeChoice 2019’s theme song. Honestly, the process of working with them – from song production to invitation. go to WeChoice – feel a bit… annoyed. Angry at what he is afraid of. I’m afraid the MV has a lot of his scenes, can you remove it for others to appear? He was afraid not to go to the red carpet, because he felt “why”. He was afraid to give awards, because he felt he had nothing special to do. He was also afraid to sit and watch in the stands, for fear of affecting the atmosphere around him when performing. On award night, he went in the back door and patiently stood backstage from the beginning to the end of the performance – that is, the end of the show. Before performing, he whispered: “I’m shaking, Diep!”, and then kept mumbling his rap. I find that very strange, this man is also the most famous rapper in Vietnam, used to acting in front of so many people, but I don’t understand why he keeps shaking like this.
3rd time – at the end of last year, we met again when doing an article. I chose a friend’s house as the location, which has a very large terrace and a bright sunny sky. That terrace was a few inches from a classroom window. So when Mr. Black appeared briefly, the children in the class rushed to the window. Everyone was excited to call “Uncle Den Vau”, and Uncle Den Vau was equally excited when he stayed and waved to each of them. That day it was so hot, so hot, Saigon, standing on the terrace again, everyone was sweating like a bath. But Mr. Den was very patient in taking pictures in that sunlight.
And until we sat down to talk, he said he felt very happy that it had been a long time since he had bathed in such beautiful sunlight. The day went well, as we turned it into an intimate conversation between the four of us. When he knew that there would be no cameras and “traditional” tough question-and-answer questions, Mr. Black breathed a sigh of relief and was able to confide in everything he contained. When he left, he lingered, leaned back, and bowed slightly to each of them. That image is no different from the one I saw for the first time at the WeChoice Awards.
I tell 3 stories here – actually because, I want to write an article about the kindness and loveliness of Den Vau. But I can’t find any other way to say about Mr. Black with cliché descriptions, that he is a kind, humble artist or anything like that. To talk about a person’s personality, sometimes it is not possible to generalize only with adjectives. To me, all

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